JAG at work at ship yard

On July 23, with smiles and congratulations all around, the City Council approved the transfer of the operation of the Seward ship yard from Vigor to JAG Alaska.

On Sunday, July 29, I and others were appalled to see brown dust rising from the 290′ barge at dry dock in the ship yard. Nasty clouds rose up and floated across the yard and over the fence, polluting the air and contaminating the ground.

Sandblasting continued the next day as the hull’s bottom paint was pulverized and removed, again polluting the air, land, and water of this beautiful place we live. Work is continuing, uncontained.

This is no longer how ship yard work is done in Seward. Pollution and contaminants must be contained and properly disposed as per our city, state, and federal laws. If JAG is unaware of this, they should not be in business.


Please contact the city manager and city council and urge them to take action to shut this company down until they can operate without polluting.

Complaints with The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Air Quality can also be submitted online at https://dec.alaska.gov/Applications/Air/airtoolsweb/Complaints/

Carol Griswold


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