City Manager Jim Hunt resigns

According to a copy of an email notification to the City Council posted on Seward Citizens’ Forum, City Manager Jim Hunt resigned today (Friday) at 4:55 pm.

Also according to the forum, before Hunt resigned, he appointed Brennan Hickok to the position of Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director. With Hunt’s departure, the former Parks and Recreation Trails, Pavilions, and Cemetery employee will now serve as Acting City Manager until an interim City Manager is hired.

The public is invited to attend a City Council work session  on Thursday, August 16 at 5 pm in the City Council Chambers to conduct public interviews for the Interim City Council applicants. A Special Meeting to discuss the candidates will be held immediately following the adjournment of the work session.

To receive the Seward City Calendar and notices of work sessions and other City Council meetings by email, contact the city clerk at clerk@cityofseward.net or call 907-224-4045. 


Carol Griswold

Update: I assumed that the assistant city manager would serve as acting city manager in his absence; if this is incorrect, I apologize for the error. I believe the rest of this report is accurate.

The next City Council meeting is Monday, August 13 at 7 pm in Council Chambers.



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