Author: Brian Wright

Eagle overlooking Resurrection Bay. Mt. Alie looms in the background. Photo by Brian Wright

Annual Eagle Migration Reaches Seward

By Brian Wright for Seward City News- Seward has been invaded. By eagles. Over the past couple weeks, the animal known as the symbol of our nation’s strength has flocked to Resurrection Bay in incredible numbers. A recent count in the area surrounding the lagoon noted at least 36 adult […]

A Conibear body trap similar to the one that snared Valdez resident, Chris Moulton's pet

Pets and Traps: Avoiding Backcountry Encounters

by Brian Wright for Seward City News- When Valdez resident Chris Moulton heard a horrible shriek echo through the dark forest, he knew instantly his dog was in trouble. Moulton was hiking with his husky-Shepard mix, Nukka, on the Keystone Canyon Trail, a popular hiking trail. Though he was aware […]

Seward High Seahawks Take Off at State

Seward High Seahawks Take Off at State

When Seward High School track star Hunter Kratz began to race the 3200m at the state finals in Palmer, he knew immediately something was wrong. Normally one of the fastest athletes in the state in this event, Kratz finished with a time of 10:05.46, well-behind his expectations. After the event, […]