Sockeye salmon cost recovery fishery

Sockeye salmon cost recovery fishery

The Lucky Star, a salmon purse seiner from Homer, scooped up sockeye (red) salmon today at the head of Resurrection Bay in front of a crowd of anglers lining the shore armed with snagging hooks. Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association is permitted by ADFG to harvest its quota before other commercial […]

Wind is an Alaskan resource we let slip through our fingers.

100% Renewable Alaska

An elegant proposal to transform Alaska’s Rail-Belt to 100% renewable energy. Article and Photos by Bjørn Olson Just after sunrise, the icy hoar frost clinging to the willow branches in the Tanana River Valley begin to shudder. At first, the wind comes in a light zephyr. Branches lazily sway; a […]

Small Business Management Class Starts in March!

Small Business Management Class Starts in March!

Objective planning is the key to successful small business management.  Whether you are ready to launch a new start-up, purchase an existing business or aim to increase profitability in an existing enterprise, sometimes one single insight can be the catalyst to grow or improve an existing business or launch a new […]

Kodiak Fisherman To Sell From the Docks

City Council says Kodiak fishermen can sell seafood from their boats Mitch Borden/KMXT At its regular meeting last night, the Kodiak city council passed an ordinance to allow local fishermen to sell seafood on Kodiak docks. Last year, the city was given a petition asking it to revise a city […]

Bering Sea crab fisherman. Photo by Allison Sayer.

Fish Factor: Deckhand Apprenticeships, Fisheries Updates

by Laine Welch- Deckhand Apprenticeships The clamor of “take me fishing” is taking on new meaning in Alaska. Prospects for a deckhand apprenticeship program just got a big lift from a $142,000 national grant awarded to the Sitka-based Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association (ALFA), and the group plans to get more boots […]

Letters: Divest the Permanent Fund

by Bjørn Olson- The Alaska Permanent Fund to Consider Fossil Fuel Divestment Organizations around the world are divesting from fossil fuels, and a lot of the talk is about the moral imperative to do so in the face of climate change. But at this point it may also make financial […]

Library Wish Tree Up and Ready

Library Wish Tree Up and Ready

‘Tis the season! The community Wish Tree is waiting just for you! It is located in the library and decorated with blank sponsorship cards, anticipating you and others from our community to sponsor new library books for children and young adults. In recent years, more than 60 new books have […]